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South West Trails


It's only a 70 km return trip to the Seal Rocks State Reserve but allow a full day to experience the wind power and rolling swell coming from the Southern Ocean - the nearest land to the west on the 40th Parallel is Rio Negro, Argentina.


Picnic and provisions are a must for visiting the west coast south of Currie. There is no shopping!!!

This area, accessed from South Road, has three very different walks each with great spots for a picnic: Calcified Forest Walk and Copperhead Cliffs Walk are in the Seal Rocks State Reserve; Cataraqui Shipwreck Memorial is found at the end of Pearson's Lane.

Calcified Forest Walk
Cataraqui Shipwreck Memorial Copperhead Cliffs Walk
Flora and Fauna:

Pick up a King Island Touring Map and Guide and King Island Maritime Trail brochure - "Shipwrecks & Safe Havens"

Field Naturalist field trips, monthly outing, visitors welcome information on noticeboard in KI Foodworks

Natural Resource Management- brochures and booklets available at outlets

Look out for books on King Island history for stories and details

King Island Tourism 1800 645 014

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