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Cape Wickham to Victoria Cove Walk


Allow plenty of time to explore the Cape Wickham lighthouse area and red brick building with interpretation. Check out the graves and search for foundations of the settlement village that existed here.

From 'Recollections by W Hickmott'
The lessee was early struck with the enormous area reserved for Cape Wickham lighthouse, some 30,000 acres. It started from a hill about a mile north of Yellow Rock and went straight across to the east coast, finishing somewhere between Disappointment Bay and Boulder Point Two huge granite stones, squared and chiselled with the inscription L.R. remain as when placed one at each end of this boundary line. Representations were made to the Lands Department to the effect that virtually, all the pasture such as it was, was alienated, the result being brought into the lease. The new line started from the springs and passed thence across to the east coast, and so it remained for many years, till now by successive curtailments, the line runs from a point in sight of Wickham buildings taking in only about 1,000 acres.
The Record ,1905

Nowadays the Lighthouse Reserve is only 2 Ha , with an adjacent 4 Ha recreation area managed by PWS.

The longer walk winds over grassed sand hills with great views of the rocks and shore.

Another short walk, medium 500 m, 10 minutes, up the hill behind the lighthouse rewards with a great view over the area where the Neva and Loch Leven shipwrecks occurred.

The other walks on the North Trail are: Penny's Lagoon Loop Walk and Shannon Shipwreck Walk

  • Gather food and drink for a picnic lunch.
  • The picnic seat on the sand hill behind the lighthouse is an ideal place to bring out the rock lobster and oysters.
  • Covered picnic spots with toilets are at Penny's Lagoon and Cape Wickham.

Shannon Shipwreck Walk has a picnic table, but no toilets.

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Cape Wickham to Victoria Cove

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