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Media Release - 5 June 2017
New King Island Councillor(253 kb)

Media Release - 25 May 2017
Purpose Built Solution(159 kb)

Media Release - 19 May 2017
Councillor Resignation(153 kb)

Media Release - 19 May 2017
Transfer Station(157 kb)

Media Release - 19 May 2017
Land Use Planning(157 kb)

Media Release - 17 May 2017
King Island Tasmania(156 kb)

Media Release - 15 May 2017 
Flare Fire(154 kb)

Media Release - 12 May 2017 
Give Happy Live Happy(158 kb)

Media Release - 8 May 2017 
Grassy Playground Equipment(156 kb)

Media Release - 8 May 2017 
Essential Intersection Improvements(156 kb)

Media Release - 28 April 2017 
FOKI Photo Youth Event(157 kb)

Media Release - 28 April 
Cultural Centre Calendar(157 kb)

Media Release - 7 April 2017 
Routine Diversion to King Island Airport(154 kb)

Media Release - 21 March 2017 
Tasports New Vessel(159 kb)

Media Release - 24 February 2017 - Update Incident at Essendon Airport(155 kb)

Media Release - 23 February 2017 - Shipping Solution(155 kb)

TasPorts Shipping Service for King Island(586 kb)

Media Release - 21 February 2017 - Further Update Incident at Essendon Airport(153 kb)

Media Release - 21 February 2017 - Reported Incident at Essendon Airport(95 kb)

Media Release - 20 February - Council Footpath Construction Commences(155 kb)

Media Release - 16 February 2017 - Council Challenges Students(168 kb)

Media Release - 7 Feburary 2017 - King Island Council assesses housing needs(156 kb)

Media Release - 12 December 2016 - From Kashmir to King Island(116 kb)

Media Release - 5 December 2016 - J Thorn Regional Innovator(156 kb)

Media Release - 29 November 2016 - Ranger(48 kb)

Media Release - 21 November 2016 - Cradle Coast(79 kb)

Media Release - 9 November 2016 - Recruitment(77 kb)

Media Release - 30 September 2016 - Manuka Road(191 kb)

Media Release - 30 September 2016 School Holiday Program(552 kb)

Media Release - 22 July 2016 New Dog Registration(144 kb)

Media Release - 1 April 2016 Public Art Project(204 kb)

Media Release - 4 February 2016 King Island Multi Species Abattoir - Business Plan(218 kb)

Media Release - 25 January 2016 Australia Day Awards 2016(205 kb)

Media Release - King Island Shipping 15 January 2016(218 kb)

Media Release - 25 September - King Island Shipping(125 kb)

18 September 2015 Sustainable Murchison Project - Request for Tender(308 kb)

Media Release - 27 November 2014 Acting General Manager(144 kb)

Media Release - 17 June 2013 King Island Abattoir Feasibility Report(145 kb)

Media Release - 28 November 2012 TasWind Hydro proposal(86 kb)

Media Release - 26 November 2012 Wallaby Control(235 kb)

Media Release - 23 November 2012 Partnership Agreement(85 kb) 

Media Release - 12 October 2012 Community Response(224 kb)

26 October 2012 Lara Giddings Media Release(32 kb)

Media Release - 25 October 2012 Pegarah Road upgrade(75 kb)

Media Release 12 October 2012 - 2nd Rates Installment(164 kb)

Media Release 12 October 2012 Community Support Update(207 kb)

Media Release - 12 October 2012 Community Response(224 kb)

Media Release - 1 October 2012 Abbatoir Issues(219 kb)

Protection of KI Brand Protection%20of%20KI%20Brand (289 kb)  


King Island Airport Users

Following the introduction of the Aviation Transport Security Act in Marcy 2005 all persons entering the airside of the King Island Airport must have an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) from 1 January 2006.

An authorised representative fo the aircraft operator must escort all passengers disembarking and embarking an aircraft.

All persons meeting an aircraft to forward or collect freight must make arrangements with the individual operators if they wish to access airside.

Effective from 1 January 2006 it is a Commonwealth offence for unauthorised individuals to access the airside of the King Island Airport.

Waste Oil

Council is presently operating a waste oil disposal facility, located at the Council's Works Depot. The waste oil is then transfered to the Grassy Swimming Pool.

Power Price Parity

The Council in partnership with Flinders Council commissioned the Bass Strait Island Electricity Supply - July 2004 report to investigate issues associated with the electricity supply. Power price parity for the Bass Strait Island's has been an issue for a number of years and is included within the Partnership Agreement with the State Government. Power price parity also features prominently in the Strategic Plan 2004-2009. This report was presented to the Premier in August 2004 and a copy provided to Hydro Tasmania. The Council is progressing the issues with Hydro Tasmania and will continue to advocate the power price parity issue with the State Government.

Do You Have Unwanted Chemicals on your Property?

We all want a cleaner, safer environment to live in. The disposal of unwanted toxic chemicals can impact detrimentally upon the environment and public health. The community on King Island have an opportunity to dispose of these unwanted chemicals from agricultural and commercial livestock production. ChemClear is a national industry funded initiative designed as a cost effective way to collect and dispose of unused and unwanted currently registered chemicals. Any formulation is accepted, including flowables, granules and powder consistencies.

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