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Policy Manual

Councillors are involved in the formulation of policy and direction of the Council to best meet the long-term needs of the community. 

New policies or amendments to existing policy are considered at Ordinary meetings of Council.

Access Onto Council Roads - Council Requirements Policy(22 kb)

Arts & Cultural Policy(86 kb)

Asset Capitalisation Threshold Policy(17 kb)

Asset Management Policy(82 kb)

Audit Charter Policy(79 kb)

Australian Airports Association Policy(13 kb)

Awards - Australia Day Policy(21 kb)

Brand King Island Management Policy(31 kb)

Building - Construction Ttraining Levy Policy(12 kb)

Buidling & development fees - Refund Of fees Policy(12 kb) 

Buildings - Relocated Dwellings Policy(19 kb)

Bush Camping - Backpack Type Camping Policy(12 kb) 

Business Credit Cards Policy And Procedures Policy(140 kb)

Capital Works Budget Policy(33 kb)

Church Properties - Excluding Commercial Enterpirses - Rates Exemption Policy(13 kb)

Coastal Access Policy(57 kb)

Code of Conduct(138 kb)

Code for Tenders and Contracts(417 kb)

Computer Use, Internet And Email Policy(42 kb)

Contribution - Unformed Roads Policy(15 kb)

Country Women's Association (C.W.A.) Trust Fund Policy(13 kb) 

Cradle Coast Authority Policy(22 kb) 

Crusher - Quarrying Operation And Pricing Policy For Product Policy(22 kb) 

Cultural Centre Policy(28 kb)

Debt Recovery Policy(89 kb)

Designation Of Senior Staff Policy(20 kb)

Dog Management Policy(21 kb)

Donations - Trophy - Queenscliff To Grassy Yacht Race Policy(12 kb)

Driveway Standards, Compacted Gravel Policy(12 kb)

Education Policy(18 kb)

Entranceways - Access To Public Streets - Construction Policy(14 kb) 

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy(40 kb) 

Financial Reserves Policy(47 kb)

Fire Risk Management Policy(21 kb)

Food Safety Policy - Non Residential Premises Policy(24 kb)

Gifts And Benefits Policy(637 kb)

Greenhouse Working Party Policy(22 kb) 

Information Schedules Policy(14 kb) 

Investment Policy(80 kb)

King Island Airport Policy(18 kb) 

King Island Housing for Professional Positions & Responsibilities Policy(132 kb)

King Island Imperial 20 Inc Policy(14 kb)

King Island Multi Purpose Centre Donations Account Policy(15 kb)

King Island Recreation Complex Committee Policy(21 kb)

King Island Shipping Group Policy(23 kb)

King Island Sporting Facilities Management Committee Policy(27 kb)

King Island Youth Advisory Committee Policy(34 kb) 

Load Limits On Council Roads Policy(21 kb) 

Local Government Association Tasmania - Elections Policy(15 kb) 

Maintenance Of Coastal Kelp Access Tracks Policy(14 kb)

Meeting Procedures Policy(29 kb)

Mobile Garbage Bins Policy(22 kb)

National And State Conferences - Council Staff And Councillors Policy(16 kb)

National Framework For Women In Local Government Policy(18 kb)

Occupational Health & Safety Policy(27 kb) 

Payment Of Expenses & The Provision Of Facilities To The Mayor & Councillors Policy(28 kb) 

Planning - Crown Access (Reserved) Roads Policy(18 kb)

Planning Scheme - Fees Payable Policy(12 kb) 

Policies Of Council Policy(14 kb)

Produce, Sale Of Goods Displays, Adjacent To Shops Policy(22 kb)

Public Art Policy(24 kb)

Public Interest Disclosure Policy(105 kb)

Public Open Space Policy(13 kb) 

Rates And Charges Policy(33 kb) 

Recreation Policy(13 kb)

Recruitment Policy(46 kb)

Regular Passenger Transport Airline Communication Policy(23 kb)

Related Party Disclosures Policy(231 kb)

Removal Of Tree Hazards Policy(15 kb) 

Right Of Use And Fencing Of Crown - Reserve And Council Roads Policy(22 kb) 

Risk Management Policy(25 kb) Roads Infrastructure Policy(14 kb)

Rural Road Policy - New Construction Part 1 - Coastal Roads Design & Usage Policy(33 kb) 

Small Grants Policy(26 kb) 

Staff - Christmas 'Close-Down' Period Policy(16 kb) 

Staff - Employment Of Apprentices, Trainees Etc. Policy(13 kb)

Staff - Excess Water Charges - Staff Houses Policy(13 kb)

Staff - Volunteer Emergency Services Policy(12 kb)

Staff Training Policy(36 kb)

State Emergency Service Policy(29 kb)

Stores And Materials Policy(13 kb)

Strickland Family Trust Policy(23 kb)

Subdivision Control Policy(13 kb)

Temporary Dwelling Policy(20 kb)

Tourism T1001 Policy(19 kb)

Tourism T1002 Policy(13 kb)

Town Hall Hire Policy(18 kb)

Urban Kerb And Channel Contribution Policy(12 kb)

Workers Rehabilitation Policy(16 kb)

Works Program Policy(13 kb)

Youth Policy(127 kb)


Management Procedures

Debt Managment Procedures(141 kb)

Public Interest Disclosures Procedure(852 kb)




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