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Economic Development

The Economic Development Officer within council looks after an array of community areas.  The unit is designed to facilitate the continual economic growth of King Island Council and to implement the objectives of all its economic areas.  These areas include King Island Brand, Island Access, Tourism, Visitor Survey, Primary Industries, Natural Resources, Population and linkages with relevant Government Departments and Agencies.

King Island Brand

King Island is recognised for its ability to convert primary produce into fine food that demands a premium on the domestic and world market. 

King Island Produce(748 kb) - A list of products available for off-island sales.

This recognition and the unique location in  Bass Strait is the catalyst for a Brand that needs protection and development to ensure that its positioning in the market place is fully maximised.

King Island Brand Project

Island Access

King Island faces the challenge of ensuring that it has secure, reliable and affordable transport linkages to Victoria and Tasmania.  The King Island Council owns and operates the King Island airport. Council also has a role as advocate in working with other organisations and Governments in ensuring that the linkages exist and are well maintained into the future.


It is recognised that tourism on King Island has the potential to grow.  King Island Council and King Island Tourism Inc are working together to develop the Island experience in partnership with industries and the community.  Good access to the Island is seen as integral to growth by the Industry.

The latest King Island Tourism Inc. Quick Guide has up-dated information on opening hours.

Hosted Accommodation

King Island Help Sheet
Help Sheet - Hosted Accommodation(504 kb)
King Island Grazing Trails

Follow the online King Island Grazing Trails

 The trail head marks the start of the walk  King Island Trails Map

 image: Kim Bale


A recreation and food trails project supported by funding from the Australian Government.

King Island Visitor Survey

The King Island Visitor Survey is a research tool based on an exit survey of air passengers on regular public transport. The method is designed to supply valuable data and analysis relating to the demographics, behaviour and responses of visitors to King Island. Incidentally, additional information is also gathered regarding residents outbound travel.
The survey is independently administered by King Island Council, conducted by King Island Regional Development Organisation.  Initial funding was provided under the Partnership Agreement between the State Government and King Island Council, with further funding support from the local tourism industry representative group, King Island Tourism Inc.
The survey will provide current information, and allow trend analysis compared to past King Island Visitor Surveys conducted at King Island Airport June 2006 to May 2009.
The current survey is anticipated to cover three years.

Please feel free to download a copy of the following information:

Visitor Survey Interim Report April - September 2016(618 kb)

Visitor Survey Annual Report April 2015 - March 2016

Visitor Survey Annual Report 2008/2009 Survey%20Report (259 kb)

Visitor Survey Annual Report 2007/2008 Visitor%20Survery%20Annual%20Report%2020007/2008 (985 kb)

Primary Industry

Primary Industry is recognised as the backbone of the Island economy.  Initiatives to increase production in a sustainable manner and increase on-island value adding are paramount to economic growth that will have maximum flow on to the Island economy.

Natural Resources

The intrinsic value of King Island's natural environment needs to be preserved while allowing sustainable agricultural and aquacultural industries to continue to grow. 


Council role is to provide leadership for the community by advocating the issues that affect the community's ability to grow to its full potential.  The Council will work with other levels of government and organisations to promote the community's priorities on all occasions.

Partnership Agreement between the Tasmanian Government and King Island Council

The Review Report on the Partnership Agreement between the Tasmanian Government and King Island Council is available below.
Review Report Partnership Agreement(524 kb)




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