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Roads & Streets

Council is responsible for a total of 432 kilometres of road pavement. Of this 10km is sealed urban roads, 4km is unsealed urban roads, 37km are sealed rural roads and 381km unsealed rural roads. This does not include coastal access tracks around the island.

The State Government owns and maintains King Island Main Road (67km) and Pegarah Secondary Road (12km). Due to isolation factors, King Island Council completes all works on the island for the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources.

Street Numbers

It is the resident's responsibility to display his/her house number on the letterbox or some other prominent location within the front boundary so that the number is clearly visible from the roadway for the purposes of emergency services, postal deliveries, etc.

Rural Address Numbers

It is the responsibility of residents in country areas to display allotted rural address numbers. Your number can be checked at Council's Offices. New numbers for new dwellings are issued by Council when building approval is granted.


Easements on private properties are generally set aside for stormwater drainage or water mains. No buildings or permanent fixtures are to be placed on such easements without the prior written approval of Council, because access to the easement may be required to repair or replace the pipe or its appurtenances.

Property owners should also carefully select appropriate species of trees when planting near easements. If trees damage pipelines and have to be removed, it will be at the property owner's cost.

Street Cleaning & Litter Collection

Council's street sweeping and litter collection staff routinely operate around the town streets and recreation areas.

King Island prides itself on being a clean island and encourages visitors and residents to dispose of rubbish in an appropriate manner.

If you notice litter problems or have concerns, please contact Council to tell us about the problem.


Trees From Private Property Overhanging Footpath

Trees originating on private property are the responsibility of the owner who must ensure a minimum of 2.5m clearance above street footpaths.

If you are concerned about a tree, please contact Council's Director of Environmental Services to arrange an inspection of the tree in question if necessary.

Trees on Nature Strips

Council maintains trees on nature strips and will schedule maintenance works where limbs are a danger to pedestrian and vehicle movements. Please contact the Director of Works & Engineering Services should you wish to report a dangerous tree on the nature strip and they will arrange an inspection and lopping if required.

Nature Strips

Council's maintenance responsibilities include the care and maintenance of nature strips. However, due to economic constraints Council relies on residents to carry out the majority of the mowing work. This relieves the pressure for rate increases by allowing the limited available funds to be directed to other areas of road maintenance. For this reason Council asks that residents upkeep their nature strip so that the streetscape is kept tidy for the benefit of all residents.

Footpaths and nature strips outside your property are part of the road reserve and before any works (other than mowing) start on the road reserve you, or the contractor, must obtain permission from Council. This relates to such activities as stormwater outlets, driveway modifications, storage of materials and excavation of embankments.

Council has an obligation to ensure that high standards of work in the road reservation are maintained and that safety hazards are not created by works, or by the storage of materials on the road reserve.

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