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At the western entrance to Bass Strait lies an idylic place known as King Island. An island rich in history, with shipwrecks, lighthouses and jagged reefs, bountiful with long stretching sandy beaches and lush green pasture. From our little paradise we produce some of Australia's finest natural foods for which we are probably best known including beef, cheese, crayfish & abalone, yet there is more to this 64km long by 27km wide stretch of land than first meets the eye.
Resignation of General Manager

After serving the King Island community since February 2010, the General Manager Mark Goode resigned from Council in July 2014.

The Manager of Corporate Services Mrs Zoe Behrendt has assumed the role of Acting General Manager.

Mr John White (a former King Island General Manager) has agreed to fill the interim General Manager position, commencing approximately 6 October 2014. He will remain in the position for a three month period, during which time Council will seek to appoint the new General Manager.


Elections are conducted by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission (TEC).
Nominations and enrolments have closed.

The election will be held during October 2014 by postal vote.

Your vote can help influence what sort of place your community will be.

For candidate information, click here
Candidate statements are expected to be made available on the Tasmanian Electoral Commission website.


King Island Council
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King Island TAS 7256
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